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BVBX Equine

HERO Breeches

HERO Breeches

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After years of testing we have found the right balance between form and function to bring you the perfect schooling breeches. The HERO Breeches were designed to meet every need of the rider while keeping you comfortable, secure and looking good.

The HERO Breeches feature:

Super Grip Knee Patch - Features a bold BVBX Hexagon design that will secure you in the saddle like no other knee patch.

Stay Put Pouch - Side pouch pocket lined with tiny silicone dots. Never worry about your phone sliding out while you ride again.

The Perfect Tuck - One thick strip of silicone lines your waistband making sure any length of shirt stays tucked until you decide otherwise.

Zipped Up - Two working pockets. One on each side of your leg - one big, one small. Both with zip closures.

High-Tech Fabric - One of our main goals were to
source a fabric thick enough to feel substantial (IYKYK) without keeping
in the heat or looking bulky. Our next priority was comfort and
resilience. These breeches are remarkably comfortable making them easy
to wear all day long. They are also resistant to pilling which means
they can take a serious beating for a long time to come.

62% Nylon 38% Spandex

Sizing Guide

Small (>28-30)

Medium (30-32)

Large (32 - 36)

Washing Directions

Wash with dark colors in cold-warm water. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat inside out.

DO NOT iron over silicone.


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